There and Back again...

Posted Tue 11 December 2007 By Dragon  | Category : travel

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Hmm..... I haven't written in awhile. I aught to correct that. I've been traveling, I drove from San Antonio to Chicago to see the family over Thanksgiving. This was good, it was nice to see them (I haven't in awhile).

On the drive there (and back) I learned a few things:

  1. The "Oklahoma Road Block" (vehicles in each lane traveling side-by-side at <strong>exactly</strong> the same speed, usually slowly) is named that for a reason.
  2. At the right time in late fall, the countryside along I44 in Missouri is very pretty. On the way there, there were forests full of fire-engine-red leaves.
  3. Somewhere in Missouri there is a steakhouse (and motel ?!) called Zeno's. It's very hard to get to. (First off, you have to get halfway there, but before that, you have to get half-way to there, and before that you have to get halfway to there... it seems like it'd take forever... :) )

Anyway, whilst there, many things happened that will be the subject of future posts, namely:

  • I received an heirloom
  • I learned some things about olives, and
  • I impressed my mother with some vegetarian cooking.

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