Blog software thoughts, and markdown test.

Posted Mon 16 July 2012 By Dragon  | Category : blogAdmin

Tags : pelican / ReST / Markdown /


Ok, so, after converting over my old Wordpress posts, I am liking the Pelican blogging tool. It generates a static html site, so much less security/performance issues, and I can check my site into a git repository, and checkout + edit pretty much anywhere.

Pelican generates blog entries fron plain text files either in ReStructuredText or Markdown formats. I started using ReST, since I was familliar with the format from python docs. Alas, using ReST for most blog entries is painful. If I am quoting blocks of code, it's great, but I tend to embed alot of images and links in my blog posts, and the syntax for that in ReST is awkward. Now, I've been trying Markdown, and it's alot easier and more natural for blog posts. I can put links/images urls inline like so: mini-me

Much nicer.